Rodrigo Duterte Vs. Donald Trump

Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump are both state leaders. Duterte is the president of the Philippines while Trump is the president of the United States. They are also both newly elected presidents. Rodrigo assumes office last July 30, 2016, while Donald Trump has just won the election for President about a month ago. They are both the strongwilled president and equally controversial. Duterte’s policy on Drug War and his rhetoric against the president Barak Obama and the United Nations has earned him both the ire of western media men and the respect of leaders in the international community. Time Magazine has accused him of Extra Judicial Killings while Russia and China have praised him of effectively he handled the West Philippine Sea crisis. Donald Trump position against illegal immigration and outrageous statements attracted media attention and controversy. In terms of political experience, Rodrigo Duterte has an edge over Donald Trump. Trump has no political experience and was never a political leader prior to being elected as president. Rodrigo Duterte was mayor of Davao city for over 30 years before becoming president of the Philippines. Donald Trump is a businessman and a billionaire. Through his business leadership skills, he was able to exploit the business laws in the United States for his advantage. Both presidents believe that Drug problem should be eliminated in the society. Rodrigo Duterte has been in office for almost six months. He had many accomplishments already, including reducing the tension in the West Philippine Sea, identifying and catching big time drug lords and helping stranded overseas contract workers to go home. Donald Trump has yet to prove his skills as a political leader. He will not assume office until January 2017. Both Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump is strong willed president and they are the epitomai of a traditional boss.

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