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Rodrigo Duterte Vs. Donald Trump

Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump are both state leaders. Duterte is the president of the Philippines while Trump is the president of the United States. They are also both newly elected presidents. Rodrigo assumes office last July 30, 2016, while Donald Trump has just won the election for President about a month ago. They are both the strongwilled president and equally controversial. Duterte’s policy on Drug War and his rhetoric against the president Barak Obama and the United Nations has earned him both the ire of western media men and the respect of leaders in the international community. Time Magazine has accused him of Extra Judicial Killings while Russia and China have praised him of effectively he handled the West Philippine Sea crisis. Donald Trump position against illegal immigration and outrageous statements attracted media attention and controversy. In terms of political experience, Rodrigo Duterte has an edge over Donald Trump. Trump has no political experience and was never a political leader prior to being elected as president. Rodrigo Duterte was mayor of Davao city for over 30 years before becoming president of the Philippines. Donald Trump is a businessman and a billionaire. Through his business leadership skills, he was able to exploit the business laws in the United States for his advantage. Both presidents believe that Drug problem should be eliminated in the society. Rodrigo Duterte has been in office for almost six months. He had many accomplishments already, including reducing the tension in the West Philippine Sea, identifying and catching big time drug lords and helping stranded overseas contract workers to go home. Donald Trump has yet to prove his skills as a political leader. He will not assume office until January 2017. Both Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump is strong willed president and they are the epitomai of a traditional boss.

Mobile VS. Static Web Pages

For web designer and developers, mobile and static designs are two terms that are common to them. But if you are in developing your own website, these are two terms that you need to need. Here’s a comparison between static and mobile or responsive design.

In the past years, a static website was the only option that exists. This kind of design appears when people started browsing the Internet in their unit before use smart phones. With static design, it has a set size and it does not change regardless of which device the user is viewing the website. When a user browses the website using their phones, they need to zoom out the screen in order to view the page. The static design page is quite cheaper and easy to develop. With static website the web pages have a fixed content, thus if the designer wanted to change anything, the html codes need to be re-open, edited and saved. Static websites usually contain CSS, HTML and JavaScript codes (Craddock).

On the other hand, a responsive design website is what generally used these days when users view websites from their mobile phones. A responsive design is also called mobile design. The website is built with percentage rather than using exact sizes. So when the user view website from a smartphone or other mobile devices, the website can easily adapt to the changes in size. Dynamic websites do not use HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes rather it uses a server-side code that allows the server to generate a unique content each time the page is loaded in any devices such as the Wordpress website which is one good example of this web page design (Craddock).

Today, more and more users are viewing websites through the use of their smartphones. Thus, it is hard to ignore the necessity of having a website these days that is easily accessible from mobile devices. Looking both at the two designs, props, responsive or mobile design is much more reliable to use these days.


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Batman Vs. Superman

Batman and Superman are superheroes that appeared in the DC comics. Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton who was raised by human parents. He is perhaps the wellknown superhero of all time. His powers include supers strength, flight, super speed, invulnerability, heat vision freeze breath, super hearing, supervision and healing factor (DC comics, 2016). When it comes to superpowers, his are the greatest. Batman, on the other hand, is a human being with no super powers. But he is very intelligent and one of the most intelligent beings in the DC universe. He is also superrich, handsome and martial artists. He has the most advanced technology and cool gadgets. With his intelligence, martial arts skills, and super cool gadgets, he patrols the streets of Gotham City (DC comics, 2016). Both Superman and Batman are founding members of the Justice League and both share the leadership. Batman, however, apparently has more authority because he owns everything the Justice league owns including the space station where every Justice League member resides. Superman is the muscle of the Justice League while Batman is the brains. In many of the episodes, in the Justice League series, the Justice league always loses when Batman is not around. Batman was the tacticians and the neutralizer of enemy attack. He plans in advance. Superman, on the other hand, fought every villain muscle to muscle and along the process, infrastructure is being destroyed. Batman is careful in fighting villains. Batman has no weakness has no family and has nothing to lose. Superman has many weaknesses. The most well-known are his vulnerability to Kryptonite. The radiation emitted by kryptonite makes him weak and powerless. Kryptonite can also kill him. Other weaknesses of superman are Louise Lane, His mother and his caring for the common people. Batman can sacrifice all to suppress and enemy for the greatest good. Superman cannot.



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Research Paper vs. Term paper

Research paper and term paper are school projects or assignments that teachers give to a student to test how much they have learns from the class. The two may appear to be the same, as they both require students to conduct investigation, scientific inquiry and literature review. They have similar features they both contain introduction a body and a conclusion. But, they have also differences that students must take into consideration.

A term paper is relatively short compared with a research paper. A term paper may be about ten to fifteen pages long while a research paper is not always longer than 15 pages. A term paper is given to students to test how much knowledge he had acquired on a particular subject. It is usually given at the end of the term hence the name and it accounts for a significant percentage of the final exam. The term paper allows students to critical evaluate a certain topic that was discussed in class. A term paper usually allows students to express their opinions and it may contain the arguments or persuasion of students to convince the readers that the students’ opinions are valid. Student’s arguments must be supported by facts taken from a number of reliable sources such as academic journals, academic papers, and scholarly textbooks.

A research paper, on the other hand, is given to students to answer theoretical questions, a hypothesis or a research question. The students are required to analyze and interpret the information obtain in the research and turn the information into a scholastic paper. A research paper may include statistical analysis, survey results or a review of a literature review that typically aims to answer the research question. A research paper is focused on the research question which students formulated. A term paper is focused on a topic given by the teacher. A typical research question in psychology will be “What is the relationship of low selfconcept and suicidal ideation”; if it is a term paper the title would be “the importance of the positive selfconcept.” The research paper can be assigned at any time of the term on the other hand term paper is always given at the end of the term.

Both term papers and research papers have outlined. Both papers are also divided into sections such as introduction body and conclusion. The body is usually divided into several sub-topics. In a research paper, there is a literature review section and there is often an explanation of the methodology used by the students. A research paper may also involve the study of particular subjects or participants. Document analysis, surveys, and experiments may also be conducted. The results of the experiments or surveys or experiments are evaluated often times statistical treatments are utilized such as percentage and mean. In a higher level research paper, complicated statistical techniques may be employed such as t-test, ANOVA, and chi-square and regression analysis. Term papers usually do not have statistical treatment. The argument of the students is supported by facts taken from academic research papers and textbooks. Academic research papers can be used by a source in term papers. But term papers usually are not used as a source in research papers.

A research paper may usually have a work cited page. A term paper may also cite the source the students have utilized in their argument. However, term papers may not need in-depth research and investigation as students were only making arguments based on what they have learned from the class during the entire term. However, when it comes to grading, a term paper is usually comprised of a large portion of a term grade, making it more important than a research paper in the eyes of students.